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4A Quay Street, Lymington,SO413AS, info@softlandingsuk.com

Soft Landings offers you reliable, up-to-date guidance covering a broad spectrum, from when you initially start investigating visa options for the UK, through to arriving and settling in.
We can assist you with the details at every step in the process. Our advisory services include:

Before you move

  • Taking the time to understand your individual situation and introducing you to our visa specialist, who can also assist with the documentation needed for the visa application process and managing your application.
  • Providing detailed assistance and guidance to taking and passing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test.
  • Introducing you to our moving partners to guide you through your household or office move. We can also assist with your questions on the differences in requirements between renting and buying, and how to move your pets, etc.
  • Assisting you with all other aspects of relocating and your individual questions about moving to the UK, including information on which areas to consider and the benefits and potential challenges of each.

Arriving in the UK

  • Helping you to get connected with your family back home, including assistance with best mobile phone and other communication services.
  • House hunting for rent or purchase, including experienced advice on what you need to know when selecting a home or business premises.
  • Help with setting up bank accounts.
  • Assisting you with buying or renting a car.
  • Guiding you on selecting a school, including areas and restrictions, Ofsted reports and whether to consider private or not.
  • Help with insurance.
  • Providing business introductions to our valuable contacts.
  • Providing introductions to various key contacts you may need, including accountants, estate agents, medical clinics, insurance brokers, schools and faith-based organisations.
  • Assistance with obtaining a National Insurance Number and with NHS registration.
  • Answering any other personal questions, including even the smallest details like best places to buy your groceries.

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