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4A Quay Street, Lymington,SO413AS, info@softlandingsuk.com

Soft Landings has been created for people moving to the UK by people who have moved to the UK before.

We understand your needs and challenges because we’ve been there ourselves. In fact, that’s what prompted us to start this business – we would have loved someone to guide us through the process when we relocated!

You now have that option.

We pride ourselves on offering answers and solutions to your questions and challenges. And our focus is on tried and tested advice, processes and partnerships. We’ve found that there’s a lot of poor advice out there. While people in support groups, for example on Facebook, might have the best intentions, we’ve actually seen some confusing, incorrect and even potentially harmful advice being given.

We also realise that you need advice for your situation.

  • A student who is relocating to the United Kingdom for a specific period has very different needs and questions to a family planning to immigrate permanently.
  • A person moving to Leeds will need different advice than a person moving to London.
  • People moving from Australia will need different advice to people moving from South Africa.
  • A company opening a branch in the UK will need different support than an individual will require.

When it comes to the difficult practicalities of relocating to the United Kingdom, Soft Landings can be there to provide you with a helping hand, to guide and assist you with finding answers to your questions and offering you practical solutions. Whether it is finding the right school for your child, locating the ideal home or business premises for you, or even making sure that you get picked up at the airport when you arrive – Soft Landings will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Soft Landings has established valuable relationships with top accountancy firms, immigration specialists, legal advisors and various other partners in the UK to offer their advice and services.
This ensures you receive accurate and professional service in any area you need it, making Soft Landings an ideal one-stop UK relocation hub for you.

Contact us today on +44 (0) 203 693 4495 to arrange a consultation with one of our consultants or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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