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At Soft Landings we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to immigrating to the United Kingdom.

We offer various services from an advisory service where we guide you through what to expect when arriving in the United Kingdom on day one and what you should do - through to managing your move from the day you pack up to the day you are fully settled into your new home.

We do the research on your behalf.  The benefit to you will not only be financial, but also time and emotional gains are phenomenal.

Research has shown that new immigrants potentially go through a very though time for the first 3 to 6 months.  Mainly because they need to find everything the hard way.  New geographical and social area.
The financial expenditure staying in hotels/guesthouses during their research period in identifying areas for a home, cars and schools to name a few factors are extraordinary high.  Linked to this is the burden of uncertainty growing with each day trying to find your way.

Our service will provide you with all these aspects within your own personal criteria and it is a huge saving in “school fees” trying to find your own way, but more so in peace of mind.
Our links and professional contacts and introductions will also assist with better help and a higher percentage of positive outcomes.

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