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Soft Landings’ Managed Move offering means we will plan every aspect of your relocation to the UK with you, from day one.

This is our flagship service. We basically do everything for you and guide you through every little step of the way from your initial first questions on your planned move to meeting you at the airport and taking you to your new home. We are available for any questions and assistance making your move to the UK smoother and less stressful.

This service includes all aspects of your relocation from day one, in determining your best visa options through our immigration partners, to assisting you with all the details before and after you arrive in the UK.

We can assist you with finding schools for your children through to a business premises for your own business. We can even make sure there are groceries already in the cupboards when you arrive at your new home. We will ensure your transition to the UK is as smooth as possible. You give us the instructions and we will do the rest. We will assist you with all aspects mentioned in our Valuable Advice and Client Consultation sections.

This is a very specialised service and we pride ourselves on providing a professional but personal service genuinely adding value and support during this very stressful time  Our aim is to make your move as effortless and efficient as possible.

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