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Lean on Soft Landings for reliable, up-to-date guidance to help you navigate the moving process from start to finish, whether you are planning to immigrate to the UK permanently or to relocate there for a specific reason or season. From students to businesspeople, families and organisations – we can assist!

The Youngleson family – emigrating from South Africa on an ancestry visa

John and Charlotte Youngleson and their two children, Emma and James, are looking to emigrate from South Africa to the United Kingdom on an ancestry visa (John has British heritage). Soft Landings speaks to the couple and undertakes an initial one-hour consultation. We discover that they are interested in settling in Oxfordshire.

We provide them with an area report, including information on suitable areas within Oxfordshire, keeping in mind their budget and the fact that one of the children, James, is autistic and as such requires specialised schooling to cater for his needs.


We identify a location and some properties that they are interested in, as well as potential schools for Emma and James. We provide their parents with the relevant Ofsted reports (a rating system for schools in the UK).

We identify and make contact with the local GP practice on behalf of our clients and facilitate the necessary introductions. We advise our clients on what type of medical reports they should bring with them to the United Kingdom to ensure James’s teachers will be fully briefed on his circumstances, ensuring as little interruption for him as possible.

We research and advise our clients on the socio-economic breakdown of people in the area, from the average age to the average income.

We provide our clients, who are keen to join a religious community such as a church as quickly as possible, with a list of options in their area so that they can get in contact in advance of their move and start to narrow the search down.

In short, we help the Youngleson family to understand before they leave South Africa exactly what needs to happen and when. We even help them to plan their first few weeks of activities before they even get on an airplane. We assist them with deciding whether or not they should ship their furniture to the United Kingdom, or whether they should rather purchase new furniture on arrival.

Most of all, we are there for them when the small questions that make big differences come up.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch now to find out how Soft Landings can help you with your UK relocation needs.

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