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Examples of how we can help

Here are a few scenarios that explain the types of clients we serve and how we help them. These examples may help you to understand where Soft Landings can fit into your journey to relocate to the UK.

The Youngleson family – emigrating from South Africa on an ancestry visa

John and Charlotte Youngleson and their two children, Emma and James, are looking to emigrate from South Africa to the United Kingdom on an ancestry visa (John has British heritage). Soft Landings speaks to the couple and undertakes an initial one-hour consultation. We discover that they are interested in settling in Oxfordshire.

We provide them with an area report, including information on suitable areas within Oxfordshire, keeping in mind their budget and the fact that one of the children, James, is autistic and as such requires specialised schooling to cater for his needs.

The Bensons – retired couple wanting to divide their time between Canada and the UK

Peter and June Benson are a retired Canadian couple who have always dreamed of living in the UK. They contact Soft Landings for assistance with their immigration needs to make this dream a reality.

The Bensons’ grown-up children live in Toronto, and so Peter and June plan to divide their time between Canada and the UK, ensuring they get to see their grandchildren and also enjoy their retirement. They ask us to assist in finding a property for them that is easily accessible from Heathrow and close to London.

The Jones

The Jones family moved to the United Kingdom in their middle ages. Sam and Frances are both in their 40’s and don’t have any dependent children.

The Lees – entrepreneurs looking for a life change

Phillip and Natasha Lee approach us at a very early stage of their decision making to immigrate to the UK from Sydney, Australia. At this stage, they are unsure which visa to apply for. They are both highly skilled entrepreneurs and have owned their own businesses for years. They are planning to start a family in the next few years and have decided that they would like to raise their children in the UK.

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