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4A Quay Street, Lymington,SO413AS, info@softlandingsuk.com

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Soft Landings offers a one-hour consultation session for those who have decided to move to the United Kingdom.

How it Works

  1. We schedule a one-hour Skype consultation with you at a time that suits you, wherever you are in the world.
  2. We send you a questionnaire to complete, to help us get an accurate idea of what we can assist with. You fill in this questionnaire and return it to us before your Skype appointment.
  3. We contact you at the agreed time and talk you through the relocation process and provide answers to your specific questions, which might include things like:
    • How to obtain a national insurance number
    • How to register for the NHS
    • How to purchase a second-hand car and how to get insurance for the car.
    • Who you should speak to about visa applications
    • How property rental works in the UK
    • What the process is for relocating your pets
    • What the differences are between public and private schools in the UK
    • Who the best people would be to speak to regarding taxes
    • The many other questions you might have

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